New Mexico State University

Society of Physics Students at NMSU

Fall Zone Meeting 2007

The NMSU Society of Physics Students has just returned from the Fall 2007 SPS Zone Meeting at NAU!
All students who were able to attend had a really great time. Two of NMSU's own SPS members gave presentations at the zone meeting
and really dazzled the crowd with the research they conducted over the summer. Congrats to Jesus and Megan!
Other highlights included the grad school colloquium, delicious liquid nitrogen ice cream, and a really cool trip to the NAU observatory.
Check out the pictures from the trip HERE.


NMSU SPS'ers have just finished the construction of a totally rad personal hovercraft! The hovercraft was built from a kit by PASCO and
only took a couple hours to complete. It's fun to ride and looks really cool jetting down the hallway.
Check out the pics HERE.

Fall Zone Meeting 2006

Last year, the NMSU chapter of SPS hosted the bi-annual SPS zone meeting. Students from all over the southwest came to NMSU to enjoy physics. There were demonstrations, physics jeopardy, a visit to the Apache Point observatory, and a whole lot of fun! It was a really great time for all involved and we appreciate everyone's help and participation.
Check out all the great pictures from the meeting HERE.