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New Mexico State University
Department of Physics
Michaela Burkardt, College Associate Professor

PHYS224 - Instructional Supplement to Physics for the Life Sciences II

Catalog Description:
This optional workshop supplements General Physics for Life Sciences II. The tutorial sessions focus on reasoning and hands-on problem solving. Corequisites: PHYS222G

Learning physics requires practice. Supplemental instruction is designed for students who want to improve their understanding of course material and thus might help improve grades. Students will be guided to develop the problem solving and critical thinking skills necessary for success in introductory physics. The small class size allows accommodating students of all ability levels. The weekly tutorial sessions focus on the reasoning and hands-on problem solving in physics. Example problems and questions will deal with the more important concepts in the course and you will be guided through topics that students often find difficult. Having set aside time each week to practice physics, ask questions, discuss concepts with others or practice the math involved will help you to achieve a higher level of confidence. I will be your instructor during these workshops, so SI will be synchronized with PHYS222G and focus on the material we are in the process of learning that week. During SI sessions students work collaboratively on tutorial questions aimed at developing conceptual reasoning as well as on numerical questions for promotion of mathematical skills.
This course is intended to supplement not replace the lectures! Please note that the problems discussed will not be homework assigned for PHYS222G, in order to be fair to students not enrolled in supplemental instruction. Students are encouraged to take an active role during each session, ask or answer questions and apply their knowledge!

Attendance: Attendance is mandatory. The studentís grade depends entirely on attendance and participation. Official NMSU-sponsored activity excuses and documented medical excuses are acceptable. However, students are required to inform the instructor prior to missing class to discuss alternatives to absence, such as making up missed work.