PHYS 215G - Engineering Physics I

General Information

Lecture prerequisite:
 MATH 191G ( Calculus and Analytical Geometry).
Venue: Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays, 09:30-10:20, GD Hall 230
Instructor: Professor Edwin Fohtung
office: GD Hall 259A, email:, office hours: Tuesdays 15:00-16:00, otherwise you may arrange a meeting by appointment.
Teaching Assistant: TBA
Textbook: Young & Freedman, University Physics with Modern Physics, 13th edition, Addison Wesley (required)


Course Overview 

Calculus-level treatment of kinematics, work and energy, particle dynamics, conservation principles, simple harmonic motion. Prerequisite(s): MATH 191G. The aim of the course is to familiarize the student with concepts and methods used to find a workable description of the physical world. We cover the main principles of mechanics and show how these principles can be applied to solve real-world problems. Understanding of the concepts is stressed more than memorization of mathematical formulas, and the meaning behind the formulas is explained. The students are expected to develop quantitative and qualitative scientific reasoning skills and to acquire knowledge to approach problems found in engineering and scientific applications. See objectives at

It is quite important to do exercises and assignements, in order to digest notions and methods in engineering physics learned in the lectures. The assignments are not only used to help you understand the material but also to give you a broader insight from into the subject.

Grading Weighting: You may bring a calculator and one handwritten A4 letter-size sheet with any notes and equations you fit on it. No books, laptop computers, smart phones, etc. or any other print or electronic media are allowed in quizzes and exams
The final grade will be determined by the following weighing:

Homework                                      20%
Quizzes                                           20%
Midterm Exam                                25%
Final Comprehensive Exam            35%

TOTAL:                                        100%

Their problems will be largely selected from the problems found at the end of chapters and those discussed during the lectures. 

Quizzes: There will be three classroom quizzes, with the lowest quiz grade being dropped. There are no makeup quizzes unless you have a medical doctor’s note or you are absent on university business.
Exams:  There will be two exams during the semester (see the schedule for dates) one midterm and one final comprehensive exam. There are no makeup exams.

Syllabus & Tentative Schedule

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