If you have not already done so, please read the disclaimer file disclaim.html before downloading and using any of the files referenced below. Users should be aware that none of them carry any warranty whatsoever and that the files must be considered of a "use at your own risk" nature. Their author expressly denies any responsibility for loss or damage resulting from their use. If you cannot live with those limitations, then you should not download or use any of these files .

In general, all of the programs and source code archives are provided free but are provided subject to the GNU GENERAL PUBLIC LICENSE (GPL). That document can be found at www.gnu.org/copyleft/gpl.html.It may also be downloaded here.

Free programs that you can find here:

The installation of the programs listed below that are intended for use under various Microsoft Windows operating systems may not function normally on machines having large capacity hard discs and/or more than 512 MB of RAM. If you experience problems with installation or operation of such programs there may be "work arounds" that will enable their use on your system. If you encounter such problens, you may get some assistance by looking here.

MOONRISE: a Windows 3.x program for calculating the rising and setting times as well as azimuth anglesq for the sun and moon at a user specified latitude and longitude on a specified date. Click here to download it.

SUNPROF, a Windows 9x/NT application for calculating azimuth and elevation angles for the sun and moon for an observer at any earthly location. This program also provides estimates of intensities in uv-a, uv-b and visible wavebands, plus rough estimates of the solar exposure time which may redden Type II (fair) skin. Click here to download the 32 bit Windows version( latest version: 20 June 2009).

For systems that have very large capacity hard drives and more than 512 MB of RAM there is another version of Sunprof (Sunprof6) that may be usable. Sunprof6, however, requires that a user must also install (or have already installed) Microsoft's ".NET Framework 3.5-SP1" software. Users of XP, Vista or Windows 7 probably do have that software already "on board" and will not need to add it. To get Sunprof6 click here. Sunprof has a creation date of 02 March 2010. Before extracting the files from sunprof6.zip please refer to download sm2007.zip

EZUP: a DOS program which can relieve you of some of the drudgery in converting FORTRAN 77 source codes to the restricted forms demanded by Lahey Essential Fortran 90 (ELF90), a great little 32-bit fortran 90 compiler. download ezup

MieTab: Mie scattering for Microsoft Windows applications.

frnec2X A Linux X-Windowing Front End for the LLNL NEC2D Antenna Modeling Code.

While the various files provided here are free , some of the programs carry requests for donations to worthy causes (not to me) by those who use them regularly.

IN CASE OF TROUBLE: The programs listed here for use with 32 bit Microsoft Windows have some limitations. If you download one and find that the installer fails or that you get "out of memory" errors when you try to execute them, it may be useful to read the following note.

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