New Mexico State University

Society of Physics Students at NMSU

Didn't make the last meeting? Below are the meeting minutes from 20 March 2013 to catch you up.

I. Physics Olympiad
a. Small, but successful event
b. Catapult needs improving
c. Future ideas
i. Laser obstacle course
ii. Build something out of spaghetti
iii. Merlin trebuchet
d. Write a paragraph about the event now for the annual report
II. Membership drive
a. Include the younger groups/cohort and think about the next leadership now
i. Elections will be April 10th
b. Drive ideas
i. Pizza and ice cream
1. Before labs to draw a crowd
ii. Movie night
1. End of semester
2. What kind of movie to show? Physics themed or anything?
3. Movie title cannot be announced due to copyrights
iii. Open house
1. Include a presentation
a. What we do
b. Benefits of joining
i. Networking
ii. Social
iii. Informative
iv. Mentoring
v. Different point of views
III. Implement a Journal Club next year
a. Why are they separate?
b. Ambassador position to connect the two clubs
V. T-shirt design next meeting
VI. Special Tours next year
a. White sands
b. Telescope
c. Need group initiative to set them up
VII. Guest Speakers next year
VIII. Board of Events
a. There is a board outside SPS Room that could be utilized for a calendar of events and Physics news
IX. Use a white board on meeting days to draw a larger crowd