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New Mexico State University
Department of Physics
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Dr. Heinrich Nakotte, Professor

Ph.D., Universiteit Amsterdam (1994)

Department of Physics

Office: Gardiner Hall 357

New Mexico State University
PO Box 30001
Las Cruces, NM

Phone: 575-646-2459
Phone: 575-646-3385, Lab Phone

FAX: 575-646-1934

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Heinrich Nakotte
Office Hours Fall 2010



Dr. Nakotte studies the magnetic and related properties in a large variety of materials, such as correlated-electron systems, permanent magnets, superconductors and nanostructured magnets. The majority of his research is done in single crystals, which allows for an in-depth study of the magnetic anisotropy. In particular, he has been studying how magnetic properties will be modified when the material under investigation is exposed to extreme external conditions, such as very low temperatures, very high pressures and/or very high magnetic fields. Dr. Nakotte was able to establish that the often complex configuration of the magnetic moments in actinide compounds can be related to the bonding anisotropy, and that the giant magnetoresistance phenomena in these materials arise form modifications to their Fermi surface. Most of Dr. Nakotte's research utilizes neutron-scattering and high magnetic field techniques, which allow gaining insight into the mechanisms that are responsible for magnetic and related phenomena in magnetic materials.