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New Mexico State University
Department of Physics
About Us

We sincerely thank all of you for your generous gifts,
endowments & active participation for Physics!

Thank you to Joe and Brenda Alvarez for their generous donation to our department!
Joe received his Bachelor of Science in 1978, in the field of Optics & Electro-Magnetism, under the guidance of Dr. Horace Coburn. After receiving his degree, Joe went on to work for Lockheed/EMSCO at White Sands Missile Range as an Optical/Mechanical Engineer. In 1985, Joe and Brenda started their company; EMI Technologies Inc.
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We now have two new endowments!

  • Gilbert L. and Dolores C. Cano Endowed Physics Scholarship.
  • For undergraduate study: the Leon J. and Barbara W. Radzmieski Endowed Undergraduate Scholarship

Gilbert Cano is a 1974 Ph.D. Physics Alum and was recognized as one of three 2004 Distinguished Alumni of NMSU's College of Arts & Sciences.
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Leon J. Radzmieski is our former Department Head '83-88. He is also a former Assc. Dean for Research in Arts & Sciences.

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Please call our office: 575-646-3831. We would love to hear from you!