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New Mexico State University
Department of Physics
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Support our students by Giving the gift of higher education.

Instructions: Go to and either select "Other" (to write in) your chosen fund, or select "Search for Fund not Listed" from the drop down menu on the main NMSU Giving Page.

Featured Scholarships:

Physics Department (General)

Engineering Physics Current Use Scholarship

Ernest Lynn Cleveland Scholarship

Endowments, Fellowships and Scholarships

Bezdek Scholarship Fund

Albert & Mabel Burris Fellowship

Albert & Mabel Burris Physics Fellowship

Gilbert L. and Dolores C. Cano Physics Endowed Scholarship

EMI Technologies Brenda and Joe Alvarez Endowed Scholarship

Engineering Physics Current Use Scholarship

Ernest Lynn Cleveland Scholarship

Dr. Horace Coburn Physics Endowed Fund

George W. Gardiner Fellowhship in Physics

George W. Gardiner Memorial

George W. Gardiner Memorial Lectureship

George W. Gardiner Professorship in Physics

George and Barbara Goedecke Physics Excellence Fund

Dr. Stephen and Brigitta Hanzely Endowed Scholarship

Gale A. Harvey Endowed Scholarship

Arthur and Beulah Maxwell Endowed Scholarship

Marc Miller - Velma McClellan Fund

Physics Department

Physics: Geophysics Program

Physics: Graduate Student Travel Fund

Physics: Instructional Lab Equipment

Physics Scholarships

Physics: Renovation Motion Room

Leon J. and Barbara W. Radziemski Endowed Undergraduate Scholarship

Spectroscopic Ellipsometry Current Use Fund

Henry D. Weinschel Endowed Scholarship Fund

H. Bartel & Doris Williams Memorial