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New Mexico State University
Department of Physics
Current Students

Physics for Undergraduates

Degree Programs

As a physicist you can acquire knowledge and skills that will enable you to compete for high-tech jobs or do cutting-edge research in some of the fastest expanding scientific areas. Examples are: astrophysics, biophysics, chemical physics, computational physics, material science, nuclear physics, and engineering physics.

The Department of Physics offers the following bachelor degrees:

    In Physics (College of Arts & Sciences)
  • Bachelorís of Arts (BA)
  • Bachelorís of Science (BS)
  • The BS program requires more science and mathematics courses and prepares students for a job or continued studies in physics or a related scientific, engineering or technological field. The BA degree allows more flexibility in choosing elective courses and requires a minor in another department.

At New Mexico State University you will have great opportunities to follow your interests besides physics. From pursuing a second major in another discipline to just taking courses for fun, you have ample choices here on campus!

Physics Courses for many Interests

When persuing a degree in another field
taking a physics course will give you the scientific literacy to understand the basic principles behind technological applications and a better understanding of everyday phenomena.

When learning physics you will strengthen your critical thinking and problem solving skills. As a results you likely do better on many standarized exams like the MCAT, LSAT or GRE. The Department of Physics offers introductory courses of many flavors and with mathematics prerequisites ranging from none at all to calculus.

Free physics tutoring on a drop in basis will be available in Gardiner Hall GN225 throughout the semester. This is a great place to have a study group, find help for homework problems or get other physics questions answered. Opening hours will be posted on the course websites as soon as they are determined.

Please respect the textbook in the tutoring room as department property. The department has no funds to replace missing textbooks and they are lost for all other users of the tutoring room.

Tutoring is also offered through the Student Success Center on the second floor of Zuhl Library. Please check Tutoring in Zuhl Library for a list of tutoring times and subjects.