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New Mexico State University
Department of Physics
About Us

Physics for Graduate Students

Degree Programs

The Department of Physics at New Mexico State University offers both Ph.D. and master’s degrees. There are about 40 graduate students in our Department, mostly working on their Ph.D. degrees and receiving financial aid in the form of Graduate Assistantships (Teaching Assistantships and Research Assistantships). Each year, the Department accepts from 5 to 10 new students depending on the number of positions available. Our graduate students find jobs in university research groups and in government and industrial research laboratories after obtaining their Ph.D. or master’s degrees.

Students may choose areas of specialization from a variety of experimental and theoretical/computational research programs in the Department. The current major research areas of the Department include particle and nuclear physics, condensed matter physics/materials science, geophysics, and physics education. These research efforts are supported by extensive funding from various federal agencies and two national laboratories within the state of New Mexico: Los Alamos National Laboratory and Sandia National Laboratories. In addition to in-house research, the Department conducts collaborative research programs with the Brookhaven National Laboratory, Los Alamos National Laboratory, Sandia National Laboratories, Thomas Jefferson National Laboratory, and Fermilab.