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New Mexico State University
Department of Physics
College of Arts and Sciences

4CS + TSAPS 2016 | sponsorship + exhibitors

This two day meeting is a great place for exhibitors from industry, the national laboratories, and reseach centers to showcase their products and/or attract physics graduates to your organization.

For Exihibtor and Sponsorship opportunities contact:
Cristian Botez
Stefan Zollner

Exhibitor Fees

  • Booth Area (20' x 25'): $500 USD (two days)
  • Table + Chairs: $300 USD (two days)
  • Meeting registration is free for Exhibitors.
  • Banquet (optional) fee: $40 per person

Electricity provided upon request.
Free wifi for all participants.

Some exhibitors may have the opportunity to participate as members of a career panel, during lunch, on Saturday, October 22.

Sponsorship Opportunities

Exhibitors also have the opportunity to sponsor meeting breaks and other activities. Sponsors will be listed on the sponsorship page.

Exhibitor registration is now open >>

Make checks payable to APS Four Corners Section c/o New Mexico State University Department of Physics.