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New Mexico State University
Department of Physics
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4CS + TSAPS 2016 | APEX Award of Excellence

4CS + TSAPS 2016 Recognized with Apex Award of Excellence

Contact: Elena Fernandez
Senior Public Information Specialist
Elena Fernandez wins APEX 2016 Award of Excellence for 4CS + TSAPS 2016, the Joint meeting of the Four Corners and Texas Sections of the American Physical Society!

Las Cruces, NM
August 10, 2016

APEX Awards for Publications ExcellenceElena Fernandez, Senior Public Information Specialist, New Mexico State University (NMSU) has been awarded a APEX 2016 Award of Excellence in the category of Campaigns, Programs & Plans for 4CS + TSAPS 2016, the Joint meeting of the Four Corners and Texas Sections of the American Physical Society (APS).

4CS + TSAPS 2016 will be hosted by the New Mexico State University Department of Physics, October 21 & 22, 2016 at the Las Cruces Convention Center.

The meeting’s promotional materials and design suite were recognized for APS Posterpublications excellence. This is the Elena’s tenth professional, peer reviewed award bestowed by APEX Awards.  Elena received a previous APEX Award of Excellence for the 2008 Joint Meeting of the Four Corners and Texas Section of the APS.

About the APEX Awards
APEX 2016 -- the 28th Annual Awards for Publication Excellence -- is a prestigious and international competition for publishers, editors, writers and designers, which recognizes outstanding publications in a variety of media.

According to the APEX 2016 judges, "APEX Awards are based on excellence in graphic design, editorial content and the ability to achieve overall communications excellence…APEX Awards of Excellence recognize exceptional entries in each of the individual categories. With nearly 1,600 entries, competition was exceptionally intense. Each year, the quality of entries increases. Overall, this year’s entries displayed an extraordinary level of quality.”

The panel of judges for APEX 2016 included John, De Lellis, Concepts Editor & Publisher, Ken Turtoro, Marketing Director at Shain+Oringer, Christine Turner, Contributing Editor of the Writing That Works Archives and Bill Londino, Consulting Editor of Writer’s Web Watch.

About 4CS + TSAPS 2016
APS meetings are attended by thousands of physicists, scientists, and journalists from around the world. They offer valuable opportunities for presenting research, sharing insights, and networking, as well as related workshops and activities for scientific discussion, professional development, improving education, and science advocacy. Section meetings work to unite participants from colleges, universities, industry, and government laboratories. In addition, the sections contribute to greater awareness of regional activities in physics to provide programs for public outreach.

This year, the Four Corners and Texas sections will join to host one large meeting creating opportunities for students from both sections to network and present their work. Dr. Heinz Nakotte is the local chair, and the meeting is co-sponsored and facilitated by the Department of Physics. Featured topics will be Gravitational Waves, Neutrinos, and Water in the Universe

About Elena Fernandez
Deployed on a special contract from NMSU to the Los Alamos Neutron Science Center (LANSCE), Elena has received previous APEX Awards of Excellence for her work with both NMSU, LANSCE and the APS. This is Elena's tenth APEX Award of Excellence, and fifth for works representing NMSU. Her previous APEX Awards were granted in a variety of categories for NMSU's Department of Physics, College of Engineering, LANSCE School on Neutron Scattering (Dr. Heinz Nakotte, PI).

Elena has worked extensively in the science and engineering worlds in program development, public relations, promotions, as an environmental consultant, and research & development specialist with the Army Research Laboratory, Yale University, and NMSU atmospheric aerosols group.

Elena has served NMSU as a specialist since 2003, she is an alumna of the NMSU Department of Philosophy, and received her Master of Science in Leadership with a concentration in Organizational Leadership from Norwich University.